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Are you involved in Real Estate investment? Or property management? Or maybe you are an architect striving to study real estate market?

Kultivo Real Estate courses are aimed to help people working in (or close to) the real estate industry to develop their professional skills in this complex and multi-faceted market, whether it concerns real estate management, urbanism or environmental questions.

Kultivo invites you to follow one-session workshops and trainings given by experts with hands-on experience. That way, you can easily personalize your learning experience and develop your professional skills fast.

Given in small and interactive groups, real estate courses are also an unmissable opportunity to extend your professional network, meeting specialists in fields related to yours!

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Some of our experts...

At kultivo we value experience and the power of shared knowledge. We select our teachers carefully to provide the best courses in the city.

  • Patrick Fogel

    Expert Consultant au cabinet Inside Coach

  • Charlotte Creplet

    Coach, écrivain et designer

  • Eric Yven

    Consultant Design&Marketing

  • Yves Gerard

    Administrateur des sociétés Global Com et Too Much

  • Saïd Tayebi

    Senior Web Developer

  • Sophie Rase

    Marketing Manager

  • Juan David Mendieta Villegas

    Entrepreneur | Coach | Speaker

  • Alexandre Centner

    Senior Consultant Digital Marketing

  • Gilles Tijtgat


  • Nathalie Boton

    Project and legal advisor

  • Martine De Weirdt

    Gérante de société

  • You ?

    Are you our next expert?

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Kultivo is a place where you can find bite-sized relevant courses conducted by renowned experts in a convenient location.

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