Terms of Use

Terms and conditions

We agree that
  • Expert, teacher: is the person that will deliver courses;"
  • Student: is the person that will benefit of the courses;"
  • Kultivo, us, the company, the platform, advertiser: is the Kultivo product created by the Agilis SPRL company;"
  • Courses: only the courses available on the platform"


Kultivo.com is a service from Agilis SPRL company, 489 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels.


The following terms and conditions apply to each person accessing Kultivo.com and wishing to use this service.

Kultivo keeps the right to modify at any time those terms and conditions by proposing an updated version of it.

Kultivo is an internet platform for match-making between experts and students.

Subscription, access and termination

The subscription is made by internet on www.Kultivo.com website.

You have to be over 18 years old of age to publish or attend the courses. We keep the right to refuse any subscription that isn’t compliant with our terms and conditions. After the subscription and payment, the student will receive a validation email with the information related to the course."

Website operation and matchmaking

The courses’ content can be modified and updated by the expert (i.e to confirm availabilities, modify, delete, etc).

As an advertiser, Kultivo can’t guarantee the veracity or quality of information included in the course’s description or teacher’s profile


The courses content or anything else created by experts can not include false, illegal or misleading information They hold the responsibility for the content in accordance to the legislation in force for good conduct. If it feels that it is necessary Kultivo has the right to modify a course or a profile at its sole discretion, without notifying the teacher and without having to justify its actions. Courses published on Kultivo benefit of a copyright assigned to the teacher of the said course. Agilis SPRL company stays the owner of the intellectual rights of the concept and product idea.

User data

The provided data during the onboarding process is confidential. However, Agilis allows itself to use such data as email address, name, surname, location. Those can be used internally in our company in order to let you know about changes regarding courses or the product updates.

Pricing of courses, invoicing, paybacks

The price is defined by the expert publishing the course. He is indicating the cost for one session, per person. Kultivo has no right to modify or influence the price set by the teacher. The pricing is always displayed on www.Kultivo.com on the course page. The payment can be made by credit card, some transactional fees are applied for credit card payments. The invoices are available by email. The pricing means VAT included if applicable.

Credit card

We are using Stripe as our software in order to secure student’s payments. The payment is made during the course booking. An email is going to be sent when the payment is done in order to validate the inscription.


In case of teacher’s absence on the due date of the course, the student shall inform Kultivo within the 24 hours after the course’s date. Otherwise, no complaints will be processed. Kultivo holds the right to:

  • Reimburse courses that didn’t take effect
  • Define a new date, according to both parties availabilities to cover the course that was cancelled
This choice is left to Kultivo’s appreciation.

Termination of a contract

The contract automatically ends after the course proceedings. If the student subscribes to another course the contract is reactivated. Once the payment is done it is not possible to end the contract before or during the course.


Telecommunication fees that may apply to access www.Kultivo.com are left at the user’s discretion. Kultivo doesn’t guarantee that the functioning of its services would be continuous, quick, perfectly secured or without any minor bugs. However it will conduct everything to offer an optimal experience. Kultivo can’t be held responsible for false declarations made by users neither the damages that those may cause. Kultivo can’t be held responsible for teachers selection, content and/or quality of courses, or the venue where the course is held. Kultivo can’t be held responsible for the absence of a teacher during the course or its cancellation.

The courses given on Kultivo platform can’t be recognized as official certifications. Any other guarantee of certification explicit or implicit will be excluded. The teacher will consider his obligations written down and will be hold responsible of the non-respect of those obligations. Thereby Kultivo won’t be held responsible of the non respect of non competition clauses signed between a teacher and any other party.


By taking part in a course or by teaching it, the users of Kultivo (experts and students) commit themselves to having a respectful behavior adapted for an educative course. They agree to use the platform with diligence. The teacher and the students commit to arrive on time, express mutual respect, behave in accordance to ethical rules.

Law in application

In case of disagreement, a mutual agreement would be privileged between the parties before any juridic action. Failing the mutual agreement, any disagreement against the use of the website and/ or the acceptance, interpretation or the respect of this rules related to privacy will be submitted to the Brussels jurisdiction authorities functioning under laws of the Kingdom of Belgium. Find the e-mail address hello@kultivo.com for any question.